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Mimaki Roll to Roll Cutting Plotter CG-60SRIII

--Extreme curve cutting speed, CG-60SRIII has Effective cutting area 606mm (23.8"); --Free get stand for cutting plotter
Item Code: JKCP-MI-CG60
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  • Description
Mimaki Roll to Roll Cutting Plotter CG-60SRIII

Extreme curve cutting speed

Affordably priced but technologically advanced.
Achieve the highest return on your investment.


Main Features

  • A best-in-class cutting pressure of 500g for a wider range of materials
  • Up to 2 times the curve cutting speed increases productivity
  • Event Notification function for remote monitoring
    - Plot start/end, error/warning message
  • Continuous Crop Mark Detection for precise stickers and seals.
    New Segment Compensation, which detects intermediate crop marks, enables accurate contour cutting of long-length prints
  • Upgrade of firmware can be done quickly and easily by user.
  • Ethernet connection for LAN use as well as USB2.0 and RS-232C



Effective cutting area 606mm (23.8")

*Sheet basket and stand are optional.


CG-60SRIII Effective cut width: 606 mm (23.8")
CG-100SRIII Effective cut width: 1,070 mm (42.1")
CG-130SRIII Effective cut width: 1,370 mm (53.9")

High Productivity

Up to 2 times the curve cutting speed.

Up to 2 times the curve cutting speed.*

The production speed of complicated cutting tasks has improved greatly.
* Compared with CG-SRII series

Wider Application Possibilities

  • With a best-in-class cutting pressure of 500g, the range of materials for various applications is increased.
  • Clamp pressure can be switched in two levels in order to cover a wide range of sheets including thick materials.
  • The optional sheet basket enables stable long-length cutting.

* Stand and sheet basket of CG-60SRIII are optional.
* Sheet baskets of CG-100SRIII and CG-130SRIII are optional.


Remote Monitoring

Event Notification Function

Events, such as completion of cutting and error occurrence, are sent to a preset e-mail address.
Monitoring the state of machine is unnecessary, enabling unattended operation.


Accurate Contour Cutting

“Continuous Crop Mark Detection” enables the continuous contour cutting of nested data. The new“Segment Correction Function”, which detects intermediate crop marks, enables accurate contour cutting of long-length prints. Furthermore, the original “Half Cut Function” enables easy removal of the nested data."

Continuous Crop Mark Detection

Crop marks are automatically and continuously detected. Printed graphics are accurately contour cut due to the compensation for image distortion. The detection of a maximum of 4 crop marks provides a precision finish.
Nested data which are continuously arranged in the directions of X-axis and Y-axis are cut by automatically making corrections.

Segment Compensation

Intermediate crop marks of the feed direction are detected, enabling four-point corrections for each segment. This leads to accurate, long-length cutting, even if the image is distorted.
Picture: Intermediate crop marks can be made by FineCut.



User-friendly with various functions

Half Cut Function

Cutting printed graphics while leaving a few joints make it possible to cut figures, designs from substrates with backing sheets, fold lines for POP, and many other applications.

Half Cut Function

User Upgrade of Firmware

A tool for keeping the firmware up-to-date is provided. The upgrade can be done quickly and easily by the user, thus ensuring the firmware is in the latest condition.

Other Functions

  • Division Cut Function … Division cut of data larger than sheet width.
  • Overcut Function … Minimize uncut portions by overlapping the starting and ending point.
  • Larger LCD … 3-inch LCD (liquid crystal display) ensures easy operation.
  • Ethernet Connection … Network control via integration into office LAN.

Bundled with two exclusive software programs

Professional sign making software FineCut9 for Illustrator / CorelDRAW

FineCut9 is plug-in software for Illustrator and CorelDRAW, which meet all high level cutting needs, such as the creation of contour cut data from images, or division cutting with a tiling function.
FineCut9 for Illustrator
>> FineCut9 for CorelDRAW

FineCut9 for Illustrator
FineCut9 for CorelDRAW

Easy to operate cutting software Simple Cut

Simple Cut enables the drawing and editing of figures and characters, enabling the easy creation of cutting data.
Simple Cut

Simple Cut


Acceptable sheet width 90 - 740 mm
(3.5 - 29.1")
90 - 1,250 mm
(3.5 - 49.2")
90 - 1,550 mm
(3.5 - 61.0")
Effective cutting area *1 606 mm × 51 M (23.9" x 167.3') 1,070 mm × 51 M (42.1" x 167.3') 1,370 mm × 51 M (53.9" x 167.3')
Maximum speed Cutting: 70 cm/s, Moving: 100 cm/s
Adjustable speed range 1 - 10 cm/s (1 cm/s step adjustment): 0.4 - 3.9"/s (0.4"/s step adjustment)
1 - 70 cm/s (5 cm/s step adjustment): 0.4 - 27.6"/s (2.0"/s step adjustment)
Mechanical resolution X direction: 2.5 μm、Y direction: 5 μm
Command resolution 25 μm or 10μm( MGL-IIc) / 100 μm, 50 μm( MGL-Ic1)
Repeatability *2 ± 0.2 mm / 2 M
Effective Repeatability *3 586 mm × 2 M 1,050 mm × 2M 1,350 mm × 2M
Maximum pressure 500g
of down pressure
Cutter 10 - 20 g(2 g step), 20 - 100 g(5 g step), 100 - 500g(10g step)
Pen 10 - 20 g(2 g step), 20 - 100 g(5 g step), 100 - 150g(10 g step)
Acceptable sheet *3 Vinyl sheet, Fluorescent type vinyl sheet, Reflective sheet, Rubber sheet
Acceptable tool *4 Cutter, Ball-point pen
Type of command MGL-IIC / MGL-Ic1
Interface USB2.0、RS-232C、Ethernet
Receiver buffer size 27 MB Standard (When sorting, 17 MB)
Operational environment 5 - 35 degC (41 - 95 degF), 35 - 75 % (Rh), Non-condensation
Power requirement AC 100 V - 240 V, 145 VA or less
Dimensions(W×D×H) 1,030 × 430 × 335 mm
(40.6 × 16.9 × 13.2")
1,030 × 430 × 1,185 mm *5
(40.6 × 16.9 × 46.7") *5
1,530 × 580 × 1,150 mm
(60.2 × 22.8 × 45.3")
1,830 × 580 × 1,150 mm
(72.0 × 22.8 × 45.3")
Weight 24kg (52.9 lb.) 41kg (90.4 lb.) 46kg (101.4 lb.)
Stand Optional equipment Standard equipment Standard equipment

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